Jared Leto in Berlin, Germany with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars

2014 trend alert: Our five favorite beards in Hollywood

Ok, so it's not exactly breaking news that beards are on trend at the moment. Moustaches might have November on their side, but beards had their big break back in 2012 and have been steadily gaining popularity since. Of course, a new year often signals the end of many trends... so, how will the beard fare?

Growing strong

We predict that 2014 will continue to be a shining moment for the beard! Beards are a great way to a) try out a new, edgier look, b) give your skin a break from the constant exfoliation associated with shaving, or c) go incognito!

If you're considering growing out a beard of your own to bring a little mystery and sex-appeal to your life, have a look at our celebrity inspiration gallery!

The breakdown

Over the last few years, we've seen many of Hollywood's leading men hit the red carpet with some pretty fantastic facial hair. A 5 o'clock shadow (which gets it's name because it indicates an afternoon's growth of facial hair), like the one seen on Zac Efron, is youthful and manages to display most of your face.

Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal both often sport heavy stubble, which again doesn't obstruct too much of the face, but offers a bit more coverage and visual interest. This style is probably the most common, and also a favorite of the ladies according to one study !

Christian Bale and Ben Affleck looks slightly more sophisticated with slightly longer facial hair. Bale's is quite sparse compared to Affleck (a few more weeks and he'll be full-on Grizzly Adams). At this stage, it's important not to get yourself into any hairy situations- remember to trim your facial hair regularly to keep it looking neat!

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