Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

2015 MTV VMAs: get Vanessa Hudgens' boho braid hairstyle!

Sunday, August 30, held the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. The hotly anticipated annual event is known for playing host to some of pop culture's most shocking moments and memorable red carpet ensembles! Once again this year, many VMA guests opted for bright, bold and provocative red carpet looks, but Vanessa Hudgens stood out from the crowd in a whimsical dusty rose dress embellished with flowers and gold beads.

Vanessa's signature style

When it comes to boho-chic looks, no one in Hollywood does it better than Vanessa Hudgens! We at Get the Look never tire of seeing the 26-year-old hit the LA streets with her favorite round sunglasses, long flowing dresses, or destroyed denim and fringed jackets! Of course, when it's time to hit the red carpet, Vanessa is a pro at infusing her signature style with some major glamour!

As much as we loved Vanessa's award show dress, it was her romantic boho braided hairstyle that really caught our eye! Perfect for any special event, this look manages to combine the half-up and braid trends for a look that will really wow them! So, ready to recreate it? Here's how...

Step by Step

Step 1

The first step to Vanessa's hairstyle is to get those curls going! To do this, apply a curl-defining cream to damp, combed hair and work it through from roots to ends. Next, spritz with heat protection spray and use a diffuser to dry your hair, scrunching with your hand as you go to encourage more texture.

Step 2

Use your thumbs to separate the hair into two sections, working from the tops of the ears toward the back. Section off the bottom part of the hair as you won't be working with it.

Step 3

Next, use your fingers to section off hair from the center of your crown down to the back of the right ear. Grab about a 2" section of hair and begin braiding toward the left side, adding small sections of hair as you go (like you would with a French braid, but only using hair from that top section).

Step 4

Keep going until you pass the left ear, the front of the head, and have worked back to where you started. Finish the braid and secure it with a clear elastic, then tuck it under and secure with a bobby pin or two. Next, use your fingers to gently pull the sides of the braid all the way around to make it look bigger and give it that boho texture.

Step 5

Let the bottom section of hair loose and style it over your shoulders. Finish by spraying the look with strong-hold hairspray and you're all set!

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