Constance Zimmer arrives at the 4th Annual 24 Hour Plays in Santa Monica, California, on June 20, 2014

A gorgeous updo for mid-length hair + how to get it!

On June 20, actress Constance Zimmer attended the 24 Hour Plays LA 2014 to benefit the Urban Arts Partnership in Santa Monica, California. The actress, who has appeared on popular and critically-acclaimed television series such as House of Cards, Entourage, and The Newsroom, hit the red carpet in a chic monochrome ensemble.

It was Constance's braided updo, however, that was the real star of her look! Her mid-length locks were styled into an intricate braided updo, proving once and for all that you don't need long hair to make a big statement. The style featured two French braids that met at the back and were then tucked under one another. Because of the hair's short length the braids laid close against the head without leaving a bump, creating a really interesting visual effect.

Get the look

Mid-length hair has quickly been gaining popularity among the Hollywood set, so if you're thinking about trying out the trend, there's plenty of red carpet hairstyle inspiration to choose from! For now, let's start with Constance's gorgeous look- here's how to get it...

Step one: Hair that hasn't been freshly washed is best for braided styles as the natural oils create grit and give it extra hold, so we recommend washing your hair the day before you try this style!

Step two: Using the tail end of a comb, create a side part from the front to the back. Go past the crown of the head about 2" and then turn the comb to create a diagonal line on one side. Separate the top section of hair with a clip.

Step three: Take the loose section of hair and starting at the front of your head, create a French braid, working toward the back of your head. When you've reached the opposite side at the back, secure the ends of the hair with a hair tie.

Step four: Let the top section of hair loose and start a French braid that's symmetrical to the other side. When you reach the hair that you previously secured, take out the hair tie and incorporate the ends of the previous French braid into the new one. Finish the braid and then secure it with the same hair tie.

Step five: Tuck the end of the braid under, and then secure the style with plenty of bobby pins. Spray your hair all over with hairspray to help the look last, and you're all set! Enjoy!

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