A detail of a model's hair pictured backstage before the Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 Show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 26, 2015 in Paris, France.

A ponytail with a twist: Fashion Week tutorial

by Hannah Ikin -

Looking to pep up your ponytail hairstyle? We've found one with a (literal!) twist backstage at Georges Hobeika, as part of Paris Fashion Week. Wear this simple but chic style to bring some guaranteed front row finish to your overall look. It's easier than you might think - just check out our easy tutorial below and you'll be rocking your cute new look in no time at all!

Get twisted!

Step one

Insider tip: If you're blessed with naturally sleek hair, lucky you - you get to skip this step. If not, you might want to think about using a hair mask or straightening shampoo and conditioner to master healthy, frizz-free shine.

Step two

Use a comb or a large paddle brush (depending on the thickness of your hair) to comb through your locks and banish any knots or tangles. Brush the hair back and use your fingers to separate the body of hair into three equal sections.

Step three

Once divided, take the middle section and make a ponytail, securing tightly with a rubber band.

Step four

Next, twist the two outer sections of hair away from your face. Make the twists as tight as possible, so that they won't become too loose later on in the day.

Step five

Wrap the two twisted outer sections over the top of the ponytail and around the bottom.

Step six

Pin the twists in place. To ensure that they are really secure, opt for lots of U shaped hair pins.

Step seven

Finish with a mist of hairspray for a glossy finish that will last well into the evening.

Stay tuned for more Fashion Week hair and beauty looks!

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