<span>Fashion Student Elie McLean wears an Urban Outfitters dress on day 1 of Paris Collections: Womens Haute Couture on 1 July 2013 in Paris, France. But what we loved was her styled unstyled hair style!</span>

A really messy high topnot bun and the rise of I-don't-care hair at Paris Fashion Week

Today's hair trends would probably shock your grandmother, if she is anything like mine. My own granny lived by the hundred strokes, tightly pulled back, not a hair out of place rule of thumb and she regularly deplores my rather unruly waves that I like to think of as beachy. But if only my Grandma could update to 2013, she understand that this generation is all about the loose, the messy, the casual.

Funnily enough, a lot of these styles are misleading. They are actually very, very carefully styled unstyled looks.

Carefully unstyled

Take the high topknot worn by fashion Student Elie McLean on day 1 of Paris Collections: Womens Haute Couture on 1 July 2013 in Paris, France. First off, isn't it amazing that you can wear messy hair to a Fashion Week? And not just any old Fashion Week, a Haute Couture Fashion Week? And not just any old H.C.F.W. but one held in Paris?

It's mindblowing, Grandma.

In any case, Elie was rocking her rather wonky look. We can't be certain, but we are guessing that she started the styling process by applying some heat protection spray and then blowdrying her hair to get that volume. Then, she pulled it back and up tightly into a ponytail-- using her fingers and not a comb on top to get that relatively tousled look. She also perched her ponytail slightly to the side. Finally, she wrapped her ends around the hairband to get the bun. A bit of hairspray would hold it all in place.

All of that messiness was complemented with a downright perfect beauty look and an elegant summer dress.

Fashion is ridiculous, isn't it? But that's why we love it. And, while you and my Grandma might not be in agreement, we are fans of slightly wonky beauty. We like to call it original. And beachy.

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