Adriana Lima s<span>howcases the 'Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra', December 16 2013</span>

Adriana Lima nail inspiration: do you match your fingers and toes?

What do you think about matching your pedicure to your manicure? It's not necessarily a question you normally have to ask yourself in winter when your feet are hidden away inside a pair of fur-lined boots, but the stunning Adriana Lima forced us to ask ourselves the question when she stepped out at the recent Victoria's Secrets event with bright, mailbox red nails and toes to match. So we've put together a list of pros and cons to help us decide!

Key word: Cohesion

There's nothing that says "I take pride in my appearance" quite like coordinating manis and pedis. Just like matching lingerie, it's a sign of sophistication, and also a sign that you've had the time and foresight to think about the entirety of your look, literally from head to toe. It's a simple and efficient way of turning your look into a chic ensemble. Especially if you add an accessory of the same shade, a ring for example.

Take Adriana Lima, for example. She's the picture of polished perfection, with glossy locks and a sultry makeup look. Everything is exactly in place and she looks the perfect Angel !

Contrasting Colors

But if you don't want a time-consuming look, or if you don't want your look to look time-consuming, then mismatched fingernails and toenails are the way to go. Just because you don't have time to give yourself a manicure and a pedicure at the same time, doesn't mean you have to be embarrassed when trying on a pair of shoes!

Be strategic: when you choose a color for your toes, make sure that at least three other shades that you've got in your polish box would go with it, or even provide a fun contrast... Remember, "clashin' is fashion" this season! For example, if you choose dark blue toenails, you could alternate an on-trend white shade for your nails, or a complimentary blue, or even a contrasting bright orange. It's all about options!

So what do you think? Do you love Adriana's polished look, or prefer a little mismatch in your life?

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