Aishwarya's gorgeous long hair

Aishwarya Rai inspiration: tips for growing your hair

Want long hair like Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai ? We sure do. Follow our top beauty tips for growing your hair long, Rapunzel-style!

Hair Hero

Who's your hair hero? When we think of the Hollywood (or Bollywood in this case) hair we most wish to emulate, it's that of Indian L'Oreal Paris spokesperson Aishwarya Rai. Her signature chestnut brown locks always look the picture of perfect hair health. Seriously- there's never a dry tip or split end in sight! Aishwarya's philosophy? "When you look good, you feel good. "

Whether you're growing your hair out, or just wondering how to keep it in the best condition, we've got some suggestions to get your hair in tip top shape.

Top Tips

- Cut it more often. While cutting your hair when you're trying to give it length seems a bit counterintuitive, trimming your hair gets rid of any nasty split ends and keeps your hair looking healthy.

- Scalp care. Your hair follicles reside on the scalp, so it's important to treat them well and give create the right environment for hair to grow. Every night, give yourself a massage with a special serum or oil for the scalp.

- You are what you eat. No kidding! Making sure that you get enough Vitamin C, protein, and Omega 3's is extremely important for strong hair.

- Dry Shampoo. The natural oils our bodies create on the scalp are especially nourishing for hair. Avoid washing it away with shampoo everyday by opting for dry shampoo instead, it will soak up the extra oil on the scalp, while allowing the oils on the rest of your hair to replenish and restore dry ends.

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