<span>Amber Heard attends a screening of 'Black Mass' during the BFI London Film Festival on October 11 in London, England.</span>

Amber Heard: copy her soft red carpet angel curls!

by Samantha Hunt -

As a gorgeous, sexy, talented and stylish actress - who just so happens to to married to one of the biggest actors in the world - we think it's safe to say that Amber Heard has got it all!

The 29-year-old star stepped out looking flawless again for the BFI London Film Festival screening of Black Mass on October 11, wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana silk and lace dress which she then teamed with sultry winged eyeshadow and to-die-for soft angelic curls in her blonde hair: Johnny Depp is one lucky man!

If you are thinking Amber's curls are a little too perfect to copy at home, think again! This easy tutorial may be your way to a little bit of hairstyle heaven...

Angel curls!

Step 1

When washing your hair, swap your regular shampoo and conditioner for a curl-specific range. This will help provide your curls with extra hydration and the frizz-banishing nourishment that angelic locks need! Dry your hair with a jersey cloth rather than a towel, comb through your damp tresses to detangle, then apply a curl-enhancing leave-in cream for added hydration.

Step 2

Spritz your locks throughout with a heat protection spray then blow dry, giving your hair extra volume by periodically flipping it upside-down to blast the roots. Comb through your hair again and apply another round of heat protection: it's betterto be safe than sorry when it comes to achieving soft, smooth tresses!

Step 3

Separate your hair into two layers - top and bottom - and clip the top layer out of the way. Use a 1.5" curling iron to do all the hard work for you: it's as simple as holding small to medium strands of hair against the iron for around 10 seconds then releasing, and holding the curl in place with your fingers while it cools.

Step 4

Repeat this step with the whole lower section then release and continue with the upper section, beginning the curl just below your ear level for each strand.

Step 5

Finish with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray and move onto getting your evening makeup look on point with sultry winged eyeshadow just like Amber's!

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