Aishwarya Rai at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2014

An exclusive interview with Aishwarya Rai at Cannes 2014

Actress, former Miss World, and L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador Aishwarya Rai is perhaps Bollywood's most famous face. Her exotic beauty and undeniable talent have made her an international star, so it's only natural that she attracted cosmetic brand L'Oréal Paris and has served as an ambassador for the brand since 2003.

We got the chance to catch up with Aishwarya for a quick chat just before her first appearance at Cannes 2014 on May 20. Here's what she had to say...

What does the Cannes Film Festival mean to you and what does it mean in relation to your role as a brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris?

With my role as an ambassador, what makes it a natural association for me is the statement "you're worth it", I think that says it all. For me, that speaks about women beyond just the physical, it's about who you are as an individual, it relates to what lies within. That to me is powerful, that's strong, and it comes from a very true place. It's a natural association for me, right from that point on. I appreciate the fact that L'Oréal stays true to that and validates it. The proof of this can be seen in science, in education, we have an incredible representation of appreciating women from different walks of life – with the Women of Worth Awards – and I think that's socially strong. It's nice to have this level of connect with women and it just takes all of this to another level. That makes it wonderful for me to enjoy this experience here now, after a twelve year association with the brand. Already, time's flying!

What advice would you give to women everywhere to help them feel beautiful every day, to help them feel worth it?

I think that first, you've got to be yourself, be true to being who you are. That's extremely important. If you're comfortable in your skin, you'll be confident being who you are. That's something I believe in and I believe all women should.

Which products are your favorites?

I'm an actor, so we use all the products! I think that because of that, makeup for me has two places in my life. Makeup is a very important factor in an actor's life, it helps to create the characters you're playing. So it has that very special, almost spiritual place, in my career. Personally speaking, I've always enjoyed a touch of makeup. Simply because if you're going in for a job interview, you're not going to turn up looking as if you just rolled out of bed, you would always do a little bit of prep. That's something that, I think, if you do it on a daily basis, you can walk onto any platform as confidently as you would for a job interview because you're putting your best foot forward. Women do that, what I'm saying is not an instruction, I think women just make that choice naturally.

For me, hygiene is extremely important. So, cleansing and moisturizing is a natural choice. In terms of makeup, because of the long hours of my lifestyle, there's a touch of concealer, mascara or liner – one or the other because once you've prepped that much of your eye, you look fresh and awake. Then maybe just a touch of gloss and I'm ready. Clean hair is also extremely important! I like hair that's really easy and my fingers can run through it, and it has to be clean, that's very important for me.

Do you have a morning beauty routine?

Keeping my face clean – wash and moisturize.

What are your best memories from Cannes over the 12 years you've attended the festival?

There are too many to pick out any one. The first time I came, when I was a jury member, then just year after year with a couple of movies. I've been here with Provoked, which was a strong woman's story, I've been here with Raavan, I've been here with L'Oréal for 12 years. So, I have lots of incredible memories, lots of them.

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