Andie MacDowell has been a L'Oréal Paris ambassador for 30 years and celebrated her anniversary in Cannes, May 18.

Andie MacDowell interview: Cannes and her L'Oréal Paris anniversary!

by Florence Valencourt -

Happy anniversary Andie MacDowell! The actress has been a L'Oréal Paris ambassador for 30 years now, and what a glamorous 30 years it's been! To celebrate, the French brand decided to throw a little party in Andie's honor. At her Cannes gathering, Get the Look got the chance to sit down with her and see how it's going at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

GTL: What does the French Riviera mean to you?

The glamour, of course! There is a special light here. Everything shines: the sun reflects in the water, on the palm trees, on everything - it's so beautiful! Strangely, there is also an Art Deco side that makes me think of Hollywood in its golden age.

GTL: This is not your first Cannes, have you developed any little habits here?

When I had a little more time a few years ago, I used to love seeing my friends, discovering new directors and actors and attending the parties, but today I unfortunately no longer have the time! It's all work, work, work..

GTL: Do you have any favorite Cannes spots?

I love the Tetou restaurant- that is a must here. Otherwise, my dream would be to stay at the Hotel du Cap and take some time to enjoy all that the coast has to offer.

GTL: What does the Hotel Martinez mean to you?

(With a smile) I once stumbled upon a pretty hot scene here, but I really can't say anything more! In any case, I find that there is a real sex appeal to this hotel. Even my bedspread is golden! Everything is crazy here.

GTL: Let's talk about movies now. This year, two women are in the Official Selection and a third made the opening. Do you find that the festival is finally a good place for women or can Cannes still do more?

The problem is that it is for men to do something to change this, and since they want to be absolutely in control for egotistical reasons, we will not succeed.

I remember that not so long ago, a director said that the most important part of a film is the male lead, as it's the reason why people go to the movies. But this is wrong! People go see films because they are good, and that's it!

But things change. When I see a man like Ashton Kutcher, who fights for changing his baby's diapers and having the same responsibilities as his wife, it gives me hope.

GTL: Which movie do you really want to see this year?

I would love to see them all! Unfortunately there isn't the time. If I can get around to seeing at least one, that wouldn't be too bad.

GTL: Do you have any cinema idols? If so, who?

Yes, I have always admired women older than me who lead by example, like Jane Fonda. These women have believed in the phrase "Because I'm Worth It" at every age, so it's for that reason I'd like to be like Jane or Diane Keaton.

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