Quick fixes for bad hair days!

Bad hair day help, quick fixes for messy hair

It's never pleasant to wake up in the morning and realize you've been sleeping strangely on your hair all night long. Or when that wild and wiley cowlick at the top of your head refuses to stay put. Or you've just realized you didn't fully wash out your conditioner the night before. The list goes on...

Whether we like it or not, bad hair days are a regular part of life, and everyone suffers through them at some point. Luckily there are a whole slew of options when it comes to hairstyles and accessories to help your day go smoothly, even when your hair won't!

Style Guide

If you're not big on hair accessories, go for a classic hairstyle. Use gel to slick back your hair and gather it up into a high ponytail. This is a sleek and sophisticated look that you can pull off at the office. For a more casual option, the topknot is a failsafe look that's right on trend. Simply flip your hair over, gather it at the top of your head, and style it into a big, messy "knot." Another great way to hide messy hair are braids- a french braid is easy to create but goes a long way in terms of looking put-together.

Quick fixes

Hair accessories are the quickest fix for bad hair days, with the most obvious choice being a headband. Headbands are made from a variety of different materials, so if plastic or metal hurt your head, opt for elastic or cloth. Additionally, you can find decorative headbands of all kinds- basic black plastic, tortoiseshell, floral fabric, glittery elastic, or gilded metal, there's really a headband out there for every look and/or situation. Hairbands smooth the hair out and create a polished look with minimal effort, which is basically our favorite kind of solution!

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