Barbara Palvin at Paris' Men's Fashion Week

Barbara Palvin's ponytail at Paris Fashion Week

L'Oréal spokeswoman and model Barbara Palvin looked gorgeous at Men's Fashion Week in Paris. Her cherry pink lips were cute, and her grey nails were on-trend, but it was her hairstyle that really piqued our interest. Styled up into a textured ponytail, it was the perfect example of how to look glamorous yet casual at the same time, a look that we can totally see ourselves recreating at home. Normally a ponytail isn't particularly exciting, but this one had us hooked!

All you need to recreate Barbara's ponytail is long or shoulder-length hair and this tutorial!

Step one

Start with damp, not wet, hair, and apply a volumizing mousse or a wave spray throughout. Taking a section of hair, twist it and use the blow dryer to dry it. Repeat this on all of the hair, keeping the sections of equal size. Using your fingers (clean hands first to avoid spreading grease), comb through the hair lightly to create tousled waves.

Step two

Apply a styling spray to the top of your head onto the roots. Use your fingers and a comb to tease the hair and create a slight lift - as you can see on Barbara. For a bump-free finish, use the comb to gently smooth the hair without reducing the volume.

Step three

Gathering up all of your hair into a ponytail, take a brush and smooth down the sides. Use an elastic to secure the hair roughly halfway up the back of your head, and use bobby pins to hold back any stubborn flyaways.

Top tip: To add another interesting element to your style, before you gather up the hair to create the ponytail, but leave one section loose. After securing with the elastic, use this section to wrap around the base of the ponytail, thus masking the elastic.

Step four

To make sure your hair will stay put all the way through a runway show, spray some strong hold hairspray onto your palms, rub them together, then flatten the sides again. This is a great technique for fixing unruly hair and creating a long-lasting look. A quick spritz of hairspray all over, and you're ready to go!

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