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Beauty 101: what you need to know about concealer

Many women think of concealer like a classic white t-shirt: it's an absolute essential, but there's nothing particularly alluring about it. Well, we at Get the Look have to disagree! This little miracle formula is the perfect tool for making our skin look absolutely flawless, no photoshop required! Here's what you need to know about concealer...

Choose your type

When it comes to concealer, the amount of coverage it provides will generally depend on its formula. If you're looking to lighten the under-eye area without drying it out, a liquid pen is a good choice! Regular liquid foundation is great for overall concealing due to its highly blendable formula. Pencil and cream formulas are another option and are best for areas where you want heavy, buildable coverage thanks to their thick consistency. Finally, there are illuminating concealers, which are infused with light-reflecting pigments to brighten under eye circles.

Choose your color

Ideally, your concealer should be just one shade away from your skin tone.

When to apply

Generally, we take a "whatever works" approach, but if you want to apply makeup like a pro, it's foundation before concealer. Why? You'll probably discover that once your foundation is applied, you don't need coverage in as many areas as you thought!

How to apply

I want to cover under-eye circles:

Use a liquid pen with illuminating concealer and draw an upside down triangle under your eye from the corners down. Then, use your ring finger to tap the product in (never rub) until you've achieved a seamless finish. Set with transluscent powder.

I want to cover scars/dark spots:

Use a liquid or pencil concealer and a small, concentrated brush. Collect some product on the brush and then mark an x over the area you want to conceal. Use your finger to tap the product in and set with a translucent powder.

I want to cover blemishes:

First, use a green pencil to color correct the redness. Then, use a brush to apply a medium-to-heavy coverage concealer (like a cream) over any redness. Blot with a tissue and then reapply before setting with a transluscent powder.

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Magic Lumi Concealer- Fair
Magic Lumi Concealer- Fair
True Match Fair/Light Neutral - N1-2-4
True Match Fair/Light Neutral - N1-2-4
True Match Warm Medium/Deep W6-7-8
True Match Warm Medium/Deep W6-7-8