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Beauty dictionary: 5 nail shapes to try

We beauty lovers tend to spend a lot of time pondering and planning our next elaborate nail art endeavors- whether it's with a new shade of polish, nail decals, or stencils- but did you know there's an even simpler way to step up your nail game (and it's free)? The next time you go for a manicure, get adventurous try a new nail shape!

Why try

There are plenty of reasons to try a new nail shape, and they aren't purely aesthetic. While a new nail shape can add visual interest to your manicure, and even be more flattering to your hands, certain nail shapes can also add stability and strength to your nails (calling all breakage-prone ladies!).

Nail shapes

Oval: This shape is best suited for those with strong nails, as filing down the sides can weaken the nail, and it's also a good choice for wide nails or fingers, as it softens their appearance. To get this look, simply file the tip of the nail into a rounded oval shape.

Round: Excellent for women who like to keep their nails short and simple, the rounded manicure is less prone to chips and tears. Try it by simply trimming your nails and then filing them in a rounded shape.

Squoval: Ah, so you're the type that likes the best of both worlds! The "squoval" (or square/round) shape offers the look of square nails but less larsh. This nail shape is less likely to break on the edges or catch on delicate fabrics. To get the look, file your nails in a square shape and then round off the sharp corners.

Square: If you keep your nails long, then you're probably familiar with this nail shape. It's eye-catching and very current, but beware: square nail are very prone to chipping!

Pointed: Also referred to as the "stiletto" nail, this style tapers into a severe point at the tip. Perhaps not ideal long-term, it's a fun alternative for a special event. And hey, if it's good enough for Beyonce...

So, which one will you try?

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