BB cream -  for a perfect natural-looking complexion

Beauty Dictionary: all about BB cream

BB cream is now one of most people's everyday beauty products, but why? What does BB actually mean? And how should you be applying it for maximum effect? Here's all you need to know...

What does BB stand for?

BB stands for Blemish or Beauty balm . Why? Because BB creams are designed to even out your complexion, thus hiding blemishes and uneven skintones. Basically, a BB cream is a tinted moisturizer with extra benefits - it's as simple as that!

BB history: The first BB cream was developed in Germany in the 1950s for patients after they had finished facial treatments. Thirty years later, BB cream was introduced to the Korean market, quickly becoming extremely popular in the Asian market. It is known in Korea as a "miracle" cream!

When should I use BB cream?

Because BB cream is basically a moisturizer , anti-aging cream, sunscreen, primer and foundation all rolled into one, it can be used any time! We at Get the Look find that we use our BB creams when we're after a day-to-day natural makeup look. We also make the most of its primer qualities: using it as a base underneath foundation.

How do I apply BB cream?

Think about BB cream just like a moisturizer, except that you need to pay attention to blending in the color. Use your fingers, but make sure your hands are clean or you'll just end up rubbing grease into your pores. Dab small dots of cream on your forehead, cheeks and nose, then massage into the skin with your fingertips using circular movements. Build up the coverage slowly by starting with a small amount of cream - you'll be surprised how far it goes!

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