Beauty Dictionary: Beauty Serum

Welcome to another of our Beauty Dictionary definitions, designed to help clear up your confusion about all the complicated terminology used in the beauty industry. We've already covered BB creams, the t-zone, contouring and more... Today we're revealing the benefits of beauty serum!

What is skincare serum?

A beauty serum is a water-based liquid, full of nutrients, active ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins to help target specific issues you might have with your skin. Serums penetrate deeper than regular moisturizers, but need to be used on a regular basis before you notice the difference.

Think of a serum as the equivalent of a healthy diet for your skin, there's no 'one product fits all' solution, and as such you need to be aware of your skin type in order to choose the right serum for you.

When do I apply serum?

The evening is the best time to apply your serum. After cleansing your face, and making sure the skin is dry, use a pea-sized amount of serum and apply to your face and neck. Watch the video for how to apply your serum for maximum penetration. When you've finished, wait a couple of minutes before applying moisturizer.

In case you get confused about what order to apply your skincare products, remember this mantra: apply in order of consistency, from thin to thick!

A good beauty serum should be part of everyone's skincare routine, men and women! See the video above to learn the best application techniques.

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