Take care of your brows!

Beauty Dictionary: brow maintenance

by Kathy Saunders -

Eyebrows have long been an important part of a woman's beauty regimen and since HD brows came into fashion, they have evolved in a whole new way. But whether you are a full-brow beauty or naturally lovely, less is more kind of girl, it is important to take care of your eye hair. Even if you prefer to leave it to the professionals, it is worth taking some time to maintain your eyebrows until your next appointment.

It is worth getting your eyebrows professionally shaped so you have an idea of what kind of look you are going for. They will probably start growing out of shape two and four weeks later depending on how quick your hair grows.

You will need: a spiral brush, brow shaping scissors, tweezers and a brow pencil.

1. Using your brush, sweep your eyebrows upwards.

2. Trim away any overgrown hairs with the scissors. Be careful. It is better to take off too little than too much. You can always remove more later if you need to.

3. Brush your brows down and trim any noticeably longer hairs away at the tip taking care not to take too much off.

4. Using the tweezers, pluck any stray hairs from below the brow bone. For best results, pull the hair in the direction of growth.

5. Pull out any stray hairs between your brows with the tweezers

6. Tweeze any stray hairs that fall under the brow arch (highest point of your brow), again do it gradually.

7. Now tweeze any stray hairs from the end of your brow either side.

8. Using your brow pencil, fill in any gaps or areas where there isn't much hair for a defined effect.

9. Finish off by adding highlighter to your brow bone to give a lifted effect to your eye area.

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