Lip gloss is a beauty essential.

Beauty Dictionary: Lip gloss

Have you always been a bit confused as to why people rave about lip gloss when all it seems to do is attract strands of hair and small insects? You may well have missed the benefits and how to apply a gloss. But never fear, here's our Beauty Dictionary Definition of the sticky stuff:

Good Gloss!

Let's make an important correction here. Lip gloss doesn't have to be sticky. If it's too gloopy your lips won't glisten, they'll look like jellied slugs. And that is not a look you're after.

Originally designed for the film industry, Lip gloss is now used by women everywhere to compliment their makeup looks. It's great because not only does it give a subtle lustre, but it can also be a source of color: two in one!

Gloss comes in different forms and packaging: bottles, tubes and even boxes. Some are designed to be passed directly over the lips from the container, and others require a finger or lip brush for application. It's an entirely subjective choice what you go for.

Nowadays some lip glosses have plumping elements to them, designed to give your lips more volume. But don't panic if you put too much on...the effects are temporary!

One of the drawbacks of lip gloss is that you need to reapply throughout the day, so make sure you put it in your handbag for quick touch-ups.

There you are, a quick definition of the makeup staple, lip gloss. So go on, let your lips look their loveliest!

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