Lip liner= a must at fashion week!

Beauty Dictionary: Lip liner

by Alice McGenniss-Destro -

We would expect that your makeup regimen has altered with age. At first it was probably just a little foundation, some blush and a few coats of mascara. Are we right? As you get more confident in your makeup techniques, you start experimenting with different eyeliners, eyeshadows and perhaps even the eyebrow pencil.

But there's still something missing from your beauty repetoire- the lip liner!

Most people skip this step and then wonder why after only an hour their lipstick has smudged off!

Well, listen up because we are about to change your mind... and add another step to your makeup regimen.

Why you need it

Lip liner works to enhance the color of your lipstick and give a more polished look. You can either apply it to the outer edges of your lips, or color your entire lip with the liner. If you opt for the latter this will further intensify your lipstick.

Liner also works to prevent the bleeding and smudging of your lipstick. It keeps everything within the perimeter of your lips and ensures a smooth finish is achieved!

If you're still not convinced...

You can use lip liner to actually re-shape your lips! So, if you suffer from a small, flat top lip just enhance the arch with lip liner and fill the gaps in with your lipstick!

Trends come back around

Back in the Nineties it was cool to outline your lips with a darker liner, evoking a grungy, rebellious feel. This trend has seen a revival in recent seasons so we suggest you give it a go!

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