Skin needs taking care of, whatever your age

Beauty Dictionary: moisturizing through the ages!

You'll recognize that, as you grow older, your skin changes. From granddaughter to grandmother, keeping your face hydrated by drinking water and moisturizing is very important. But, depending on your age, your skin has different needs. We've put together this Beauty Dictionary to help you moisturize right!



Teenagers often find themselves prone to breakouts due to an imbalance in hormones as they go through adolescence. This makes caring for your face especially important in order to calm the skin. Harsh and abrasive scrubs can only lead to more spots and an increase in sebum production, so teens should use a gentle cleansers and finish with a light moisturizer: one that won't clog their pores but nevertheless provide soothing relief to irritated skin.

Young Adult


The skin starts to settle in your mid-twenties, and you start to learn what Mother Nature has given you as a skin type. Choose your moisturizer accordingly. Regardless of whether you have greasy, dry or combination skin, you should always use a moisturizer with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in, even if you don't think the sun is very bright. You can't see those UV rays, but you will in twenty years time...on your face.



Ok, sure, are we ever really "grown up"? Maybe not, but in your thirties you might start to see creases around your eyes. This is a sign that it's time to invest in an eye cream, because regular moisturizers shouldnt be used on the delicate skin around the eye. Your daily skincare regimen need to be stepped up (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer etc.) as you move towards the four-zero mark.



This is the point where you'll notice a loss of elasticity, but it's ok, there are moisturizers designed with your problem in mind. From time to time, because you deserve it, treat yourself to a hydrating facial massage at your local spa. You'll really feel the difference afterwards!



It's not a question of erasing those wrinkles, but rather looking healthy and glowing. Again, water is super important, as is moisturizing several times a day. Use a plumping moisturizer which will restore elasticity, and an overnight mask will help keep your skin hydrated day and night.

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