Alexa Chung sported ombre locks at the 2012 Elle Style Awards at the Savoy Hotel in central London on 13 February 2012.

Beauty Dictionary: Ombre Hair

by Kathy Saunders -

"What on earth is "ombre hair"?" I hear you cry. "All the stars seem to doing it and it has something to do with roots..."

Light in the dark

The word "ombre" is borrowed from French; the word originally means shadow. No surprise then that this particular hairstyle is characterised by a dark hair colour at the roots which slowly fades into a lighter shade towards the ends.

This look is a godsend for anyone that has ever raced roots to the hair salon ("Quick! Hide them before anybody notices!")

Well this style saves the day because guess what? Roots are cool.

Oh so simple

Ombre hair is a fantastically low-maintenance look. Ombre-dyed hair doesn't need to be dyed as often as with a traditional all over colour job or full-length highlights. It reduces the amount of money you're likely to spend at the hairdresser's. It's also better for your hair.

Just give it a try!

Another great thing about ombre hair is that it's an easy way to try out a new hair-colour or even just to give an existing style a re-vamp. The beauty of it is that it works with practically any colour combination or hair-length.

So if you feel like a little change in hairstyle, ombre hair is perfect and right on trend.

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Féria OMBRE - 060 For medium to dark brown hair
Féria OMBRE - 060 For medium to dark brown hair