Lady Gaga is a fan of the stiletto nail trend. She would be. Goes with her bra.

Beauty dictionary: stiletto nails

by Marie Hazet -

What in the world are stiletto nails?

Well, you might ask it... but I bet you can guess what stiletto nails are.

Basically, this is a manicure trend that clawed its way into stardom last winter. It's out with short nails, either square or round... and in with TALONS. Literally. These nails are long and sharpened. We've seen them on Lady Gaga, Kesha and lots of other stars, too. While they may not be practical, except for bread-slicing, they are eye-catching. And they strike fear into the heart of your enemies!

Wear them any colour you like for all different effects: why not neon ... or multi-colour ? You are already living dangerously, so take it up a notch. For an extra creepy look, why not go with an oxblood colour?

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Colour Riche Nail Colour - Red Tote 460
Colour Riche Nail Colour - Red Tote 460