Do you know about the different types of eyeshadow available?

Beauty Dictionary: types of eyeshadow

The texture and finish of your eyeshadow can be as important as the color itself, and can really change your makeup look. What looks great on younger skin might not suit more mature skin, and a certain texture might not be ideal for specific skin types. Keep reading for a guide to finding the right type of eyeshadow for you!


Powder can be divided into two subcategories: pressed powder and loose powder.

Pressed powder is the usual type of eyeshadow - it's good for slowly building up color, and ideal for creating a natural, blended finish if you're using more than one color. Skin-wise, pressed powder is a good option for oily skins, as the powder soaks up excess sebum.

Loose powder is usually glittery or shimmery - it's loose because the particles are larger than those in pressed powder. They can be used for subtle or intense color, but it's a good idea to use a primer beforehand, to make sure they last all night.


Cream-based eyeshadows came onto the market a few years ago. They generally have a shimmery texture, but you can only blend up to two colors or you risk mixing a muddy grey recipe on your eyelid! Cream eyeshadows are a good choice for dry skin types, but not oily ones, as the cream will crease or slide off.


Don't imagine splashing a bottle of colored water onto your eyes, liquid eyeshadow is thicker, more like a dense gel. There are fewer on the market, because people often criticize them for creasing and smudging. However, liquid eyeshadows can be the perfect solution if you are looking for a super dramatic eye in one bold color.

Now, we've given you a guide to the different types, it's up to you to choose the color!

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