Apply a base coat before you get busy with the nail polish!

Beauty dictionary: What is a base coat?

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Before starting a gorgeous new manicure, it's important to take care of your nails. By using certain products, you can help to protect and strengthen your nails.

One such product is a base coat but what exactly does it do?

How a base coat works

Base coats are designed to protect and strengthen nails by placing a nourishing layer between the first coat of nail polish and the nail itself.

Just like a top coat, this can help your manicure to last longer, too. When using particularly dark or vibrant nail polish, a base coat can also help to prevent pigment from the polsih staining the nail.

Important: You should apply a base coat each time you paint your nails to help protect against weak, brittle nails. After all, there's nothing quite like a broken nail (or two) to really put a dampener on a brand new, ultra-chic manicure!

A good way to remember...

To be honest, painting your nails is just like making a sandwich, only more colourful.

The base coat is the first slice of bread which is then followed by two coats of nail polish. These represent the filling. Finally, everything is topped off with slice of bread number two – the top coat!

But please, don't eat any nail art products ...

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