Primer is your secret weapon for a flawless complexion!

Beauty Dictionary: What is primer?

It's been around for a while now, and many of us have a bottle of primer in our makeup bag. What exactly is it, and why should we use it? Here's the Get the Look Beauty Dictionary to answer all of your questions about primer (the makeup, not the paint!)

Tune in for Prime(r) Time!

There are different kinds of primer: for your eyeshadow, your mascara and for your face. A primer is applied before your makeup, and makes your makeup long-lasting. The most popular type of primer is a face primer, a creamy liquid which smoothes out the skin pre-makeup, providing not only an even base but a layer of protection between your skin and the makeup.

A face primer can help against those pet peeves such as obvious foundation streaks, creasing, noticeable pores and redness around the nose. There are also different kinds of primer depending on your skin type, including mattifying primer (for oily skin), brightening (for dull, tired skin) and also primer that gives a dewy glow (for dry/lacklustre skin)

How do I apply it?

Use a makeup brush instead of your fingers, because your fingertips contain oils, and you could end up spreading grease into your skin, then locking it in with a primer. Take a small amount of the product and, starting in the middle of the forehead, blend it outwards with the brush. Repeat along your cheeks and chin. Don't worry about applying primer under your eyes, it's safe for even delicate skin (but be careful if you have very sensitive eyes, of course.)

When should I use primer?

You can use primer all the time! But it is an especially good idea for when you won't be able to touch up your makeup all day (a business trip perhaps), and when it's important that your makeup stays in place (a dinner date?). It's also a good idea to wear when you want to protect your skin from absorbing makeup products and potentially ending up in a breakout.

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