What serum should I be using for my hair?

Beauty Dictionary: What serum for my hair?

If you want beautiful, healthy locks, it's important to know what type of hair you have so that you can determine its needs. Because regular washes and once-a-week masks are not always enough to tame unruly hair, one great product to add into your haircare routine is serum! Serums exist for all different hair types- each with the aim of enhancing, nourishing, and controlling the nature of our hair. Whether your locks are dry and frizzy, colored or fine, everyone can find a serum to suit his/her tastes. If you're not sure where to start, here's our handy guide...

Colored hair

To conserve color while boosting shine, use a serum specifically for colored hair. Tailor made for locks that have been colored, the serum intensely nourishes the strand while protecting against fading. To protect your hair from the sun (aka colored hair's #1 enemy), opt for a product with UV protection.

Fine hair

In the case of fine hair, it's best to avoid leave-in conditioners that can weigh down hair. Instead, opt for a light-weight serum for fine hair. Applying a few drops mid-way down the hair shaft will boost shine and add a touch of volume too!

Dry hair

Serums are especially recommended for women with dry hair. You should regularly apply serum to the ends of your hair, especially if you regularly use heat styling tools! Enriched with ceramide, the product adds suppleness and flexibility to the hair shaft, preventing breakage.

Frizzy hair

While serum is excellent for dry hair, it's indispensable for frizzy and/or unruly hair. To get perfectly sculpted curls or a super sleek chignon, don't hesitate to add the serum before styling to smooth everything out.

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