Kat Dennings' bold makeup look

Beauty guide: can I wear two dramatic makeup "looks" at once?

At the 2013 Grammy Awards, actress Kat Dennings wore a stunning makeup look that was easily one of the best of the evening. The 2 Broke Girls star usually opts for more natural makeup looks on the red carpet, but when she rocks a bold look, she really rocks it! The question here, however, is: can you wear two bold looks at once?

She did what?!

We often talk about a "cat eye look " or "bold lipstick look ," but what if you decided to wear the two at the same time? Never one for subtlety, Dennings decided to do just that! The actress kept her foundation base light and natural , with a picture perfect and modest cat eye flick for eye makeup. Her look was completed with a dark oxblood lipstick. The makeup looked beautiful with Kat's smooth, pale skin and dark hair. The look was slightly gothic as the colors were so dark, but if done with a bright, flamboyant color, the result wouldn't have been nearly as stunning.

Top tips

If you want to try out a dramatic makeup look like Kat's, here are some pointers to follow!

- Keep the rest of your makeup look super natural. With a bold eye and lip look, you don't want to add bright eye shadow or blush into the mix. Too many attention-grabbing facets to your makeup look will leave individual parts competing for attention.

- Keep your hair simple and natural. Again, if you go for a complicated hairstyle, your look overall might suffer.

- Balance out the dark makeup look with a bright outfit . Kat paired her look with a bright blue sequined dress. This keeps your entire look balanced and fun!

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