Which makeup brush should I use? Read our guide to brushes find out!

Beauty guide: Makeup brushes

Blush, bronzer, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick ...there are brushes for almost every item of your makeup bag! The tricky thing is being able to know which brush to use when. Sure, a blush brush looks different to a lipstick brush, but could you tell the difference between a kabuki and a fan brush? Don't panic, we're here to help with our beauty guide to the confusing world of makeup brushes...

Blush and bronzer brush

These brushes can differ in size, but nearly all have tapered, soft bristles that allow you to apply gradiated color and gradually build up. The size opf the brush head you choose should depend on how large your features are.

Kabuki brush

Never heard of it? You'll have seen it before without knowing its name. The Kabuki is a short, dense and round brush, normally with rounded bristles. It's a great brush for applying mineral powder and getting perfect, all over coverage.

Fan brush

The fan brush is, literally, shaped like a fan. It's mostly used for subtly highlighting and contouring, but you can also use it to apply blush and remove excess powder. Think of it like a light, delicate duster!

Foundation brush

Many people apply foundation with their fingers for quick distribution, but others use a foundation brush. The bristles are stiffer and more compact than those of the fan brush in order to hold the liquid.

Flat brush

The flat brush is the weapon of choice for fans of contouring. Instead of tapered bristles, like the blush and bronzer brush, the flat brush's bristles are cut in a straight line: making it perfect for applying color under your cheekbones à la Kim Kardashian.

Smudge brush

The smudge brush is not for applying foundation, blush or bronzer. It's for getting the perfect smoky eye. Soft and dense bristles allow you to smudge a concentrated area of color, avoiding the black-eye look!

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