Beauty SOS: what to do when you have dry cuticles

Beauty SOS: what to do when you have dry cuticles

Cracked, dry cuticles can really be annoying: not only do they ruin the look of your nail art, they can also be painful. While the obvious solution might be to just cut them back, the catch is that cutting your cuticles will open them up to infection and fraying. So, how to solve the problem of dry cuticles the right way? Follow our easy tips...

Once a week: we clean them

The goal here to soften the cuticles enough that it's easy to push them back without pain or damage. The most effective time to push back your cuticles is after a bath/shower as this is when the skin is the softest. You can also soak your fingers in warm water for a few minutes though. Next, grab an orange wood stick and wrap the tip in cotton, then gently push the cuticle back, from one side to the other. Next, use a little sugar and olive oil to scrub your fingertips for a clean edge.

Everyday: we hydrate them

Now, you've cleaned up your cuticles but they're still dry... well, the secret is the same as for every other part of your body: you've got to moisturize. Washing your hands is imperitive, but the hot water and soap can really dry the skin out and that's why it's suggested you follow up hand washing with moisturizer. When the cuticles are especially dry, you might want to bring out the big guns: before you go to bed apply a cuticle oil (like apricot seed oil) or vaseline to your cuticles and let them work their hydrating magic overnight.

Follow these two simple steps over the course of a few weeks and watch as the skin becomes softer and more transparent!

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