Blake Lively <span>attends the unveiling of Van Cleef &amp; Arpels redesigned New York 5th Avenue Flagship Maison, December 2013</span>

Beauty tutorial: Blake Lively's signature makeup look

Superstar Blake Lively is recognizable for her beautiful blonde hair and her signature makeup look. No, that doesn't mean she always looks the same, it means she knows how to vary her styling, while staying true to what looks suit her best: a lesson to us all! With that in mind we've put together a beauty tutorial so that you can copy Blake's makeup...

Step 1

Get Blake's perfect complexion by applying a CC cream before your foundation . This will balance the tones in your skin, as well as protecting it from the makeup. If, like Blake, you're going to be in the spotlight all evening, you may want to consider lightly dusting some powder over your t-zone to avoid any shiny-faced photos.

Step 2

See how Blake has applied a warm rose shade of blush over her cheeks? This gives a natural glow, but it's important not to go overboard. To enhance her sunkissed complexion, a sweep of bronzer over her forehead is enough to add a hint of tan.

Step 3

Blake's light blue eyes really suit grey and pearl shades of eyeshadow like the ones she wore to this event. To make her eyes look bigger , Blake has concentrated the lighter shimmer towards the inner corners. Mascara-wise, Blake usually opts for a coat of lash-defining mascara to widen her eyes.

Step 4

They're easy to forget, but your eyebrows are important! They provide structure to your face, framing the eyes. If yours aren't very defined, use an eyebrow crayon to lightly fill in your brows. Build up the definition slowly or you'll end up applying too much.

Step 5

Complete the look with a gorgeous shade of berry red matte lipstick, with the same undertones as the blush. The matte contrasts with the shimmer of Blake's eyes, and is the perfect finishing touch to a chic and sophisticated makeup look!

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