Barbara Palvin was photographed backstage at a catwalk show in 2010 with black nail polish, demonstrating just how gorgeous it can look! As Madonna once said "strike a pose"...

Beauty zoom: why we love black nail polish

by Kathy Saunders -

There are a lot of reasons why black nail polish is absolutely brilliant as far as beauty products are concerned, not least because Barbara Palvin (left) looks absolutely gorgeous with it on...

Black nail polish is to make-up what the little black dress is to women's wardrobes everywhere. As well as being classic, chic and just bold enough to be noticed, it also goes with absolutely everything.

We aren't the only ones who think so, either.

The celebrity seal of approval

A lot of A-list celebrities are frequently spotted on the red carpet making elegant gestures and waving at the cameras... it's all to show off their black manicures. Cameron Diaz is a prime example.

We were also impressed by "Spring Breakers" star Vanessa Hudgens. We're guessing she likes this colour, seeing as she wore it for about two weeks straight...

Get creative

Speaking of nail art, black is the perfect colour nail polish to work with when turning your nails (or paying someone else to) into snazzy little tableaux. It contrasts with everything and looks great with glittery nail polishes or bright jewels. You can even use stickers, stencils and all kinds of other crazy nail art tools to jazz up your black nail polish. It is the ultimate, cool canvas.

And anyway, what better way is there to get creative than quite literally with your own hands?

Give it a try

So, the next time you do your nails - whether fancy and artistic or just one colour - we suggest you use a bold black nail polish. Because it's great and, as the folks of L'Oréal Paris so often say, you're worth it.

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