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Best looks from Glamour Magazine 23rd annual Women Of The Year gala

There were some amazing dresses on display at this year's Glamour Awards, so we narrowed down our top 4 stand-out looks from the red carpet...

Inspirational Glamour

The Glamour Awards are held to honor inspirational and extraordinary women from a variety of fields: from entertainment to medicine and business. This year, sponsored by L'Oréal Paris, the Glamour Awards recognized some truly incredible women from around the world. Sure, their clothes were far from the most important thing to congratulate that evening, but we always appreciate a red-carpet outfit, and here are our top four:

Coco Rocha

Well it goes without saying that a model is going to look good on the red carpet, but Coco looks particularly elegant in this gorgeous (fake?) fur wrap that gives her power shoulder and a teeny tiny waist all in one. Take note of the textures and colors: an ideal winter palette if ever we saw one.

Lily Collins

Lily is perfectly on trend in this nude gown with gorgeous spiky embellishments. Her ombré hair and pale skin make her look like a woodland nymph. We also love the way her dress is split into sections that fan out behind her.

Rose Byrne

Something about Rose's pretty strapless, A-line dress makes us think of a ladybird. In a good way. We love this warm shade of red, and the structured material gives an hourglass curve to her petite frame.

Lady Gaga

Ok, well this isn't necessarily an outfit we'd want in our wardrobe, but how could we leave Lady Gaga out? The shoes, the hair, the pearls. Everything is so overdone. So Gaga. And we love it.

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