Best of Cannes: Karlie Kloss tries her hand at a new career during the Cannes Film Festival

by Paige Exell -

For the past two weeks, we've seen L'Oreal muse Karlie Kloss dress up in some of her most glamorous outfits to date. From her metallic, sequin-covered gown to her Hispanic-inspired look at the amfAR charity gala, Karlie never fails to impress us with her over-the-top, yet elegant looks.

Over the past two weeks, Get The Look followed Karlie behind the scenes at Cannes to get a taste of what her life is really like outside of red carpet appearances and glamorous gowns. Surprisingly enough, we found Karlie in a more casual ensemble as she prepared (or attempted to) cook in the kitchen at Hotel Martinez!

While we love L'Oreal's behind-the-scenes beauty videos, meetings with fans, and #HairHunting looks, Karlie Kloss' attempt at a new career path is enough to make us laugh out loud. In other words, it's safe to say this one takes the cake!

Take a closer look:


Karlie takes a break from her life as a supermodel to try her hand at being a chef. Wearing a simple black tank, white cooking apron, and chef's hat, Karlie attempts (and fails) to read a French recipe, and stir together a few ingredients.

After a few failed attempts and a cry for help, Karlie swaps her apron for a chic leather jacket and sunglasses, and mixes up a recipe of her own that entails multiple shades of pink nail polish. The blonde supermodel dances around the kitchen and has fun with whipped cream, turning cooking into a fashionable hobby suitable for Cannes.

Have a laugh at Karlie's cute behind the scenes video!

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