A graphic eyeliner look!

Bianca Balti: get her graphic eyeliner

Looking for an eye-catching makeup look? Then this graphic winged eyeliner, as seen on L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador Bianca Balti , should do the trick! Over the last few years winged eyeliner looks have risen in popularity, and while most trends last for a few seasons before softly fading out, makeup artists everywhere have risen to the challenge of reinventing this popular look and keeping it fresh.

This eyeliner technique is a great way to transform your everyday winged liner into a look that's straight off the runway. The added thickness halfway through creates an almost "lightning bolt" shape that's easy to achieve and effortlessly cool. This look is most dramatic when the rest of your makeup is kept simple, so it's perfect for a "barely there" beauty look. Ready to try it?

Struck by lightning

Step one: Focusing on creating a flawless complexion, start by applying concealer to mask any blemishes or imperfections. Then, use a CC cream to create an even tone, before finally applying a thin layer of foundation. Using a sponge or blush to blend it in will keep the final results natural and smooth.

Step two: Bring warmth to your face with a wash of pale pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Step three: Fill in your brows using a brow pencil, brush them through, and set with a gel.

Step four: Apply eyeshadow primer to your eyelids to ensure your winged liner lasts. Using a felt tip eyeliner, start at the inner corner of the eyes and work outward until reaching the other corners, and then extending toward the brow bone. Then, draw a horizontal line about 2 mm high, and use the liner to connect the top of that line to the outermost point of your winged tip. Fill in the empty space.

Step five: Apply nude lipstick and you're all set.

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