4 Bizarre Beauty Inventions

4 Bizarre Beauty Inventions

by Sophie Lalani -

The world of makeup is constantly evolving; there's always new beauty inventions to conceal, enhance, and define your features. For many of us, trying the latest tools and products is exciting, but the puzzled look on the faces of the men in our lives when we bring them shopping says enough about how bizarre the world of beauty can be. Sure, some of these fad products have a cult following, but for most people, they just seem unnecessary and downright weird. Get The Look has rounded up the top 4 bizarre beauty inventions, so you can proceed with caution.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

While most of us are familiar with the value of a good eyelash curler, especially when you're trying to get a fluttery, falsies effect (even though they seem like a frightening torture weapon to makeup amateurs), the mechanics of the heated variety just seems confusing. Doesn't it burn your eye? Do you have to plug it in? Is it really more effective than a good old clamp style curling iron? To clear up some of the perplexity: heated eyelash curlers generally just get slightly warm so although they won't burn your lid, they also won't do much in terms of curling your lashes either. The battery operated tool just resembles a mascara wand, so you have to push your lashes backwards to curl than manually which is definitely way more fuss than it's worth...so we say, stick to the good old fashioned kind!

Real Gold Makeup Tools

This one is borderline because many of us makeup lovers like to keep the pretty packing out on display, in which case you could probably justify such an unnecessarily glamorous purchase. From gold plated eyelash curlers to lip oils with a gold tipped applicator, surely this can seem a bit excessive for most people. We're on the fence with this one because even though it can seem needlessly fancy, we know how luxe that shiny gold lash curler will look on your vanity. Plus, it's nice to treat yourself once in awhile.

Eyebrow Cleansers

What is a brow cleanser you ask? Well, most of us tend to do our face makeup before our brows for everyday looks, so when we get to them they often have traces of foundation or powder we have to wipe off before filling them in. All it takes is a quick swipe with a towel or a tissue and you can get right to it; not so hard! Brow cleansers seek to complicate things by adding an unnecessary step. These "cleansers" of sorts, don't require any water so they're supposed to clean off your brows for you whilst keeping the rest of your face makeup in tact. Useful or necessary? We think not.

Suction Lip Enhancers

Perhaps the most bizarre on out list, the popularity of these devices is all thanks to Instagram and Kylie Jenner. It requires you to pucker your lips into a tiny round cup and suck in. This fad beauty item will not give you a long term result, not to mention, it can be downright painful! You're better off sticking to a plumping lip gloss and some lip liner for a pillowy pout.

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