Blake Lively appears on the August 2014 front cover of Vogue magazine

Blake Lively on the front cover of Vogue Magazine!

L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador Blake Lively is only 27 years old, but has already appeared on three front covers of Vogue magazine, with her photographs taken by the world-famous Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino. The accompanying interview took place just after her appearances at Cannes 2014, where she appeared on the red carpet for the first time with husband Ryan Reynolds!

From Gossip Girl to Internet Autoentrepreneur

This edition of Vogue focuses on Blake's most recent venture: her foray into the world of digital publishing with her upcoming website Preserve: part e-commerce, part digital magazine, which seeks to promote artisanal American products.

Lively has always been a creative person. In the interview, she explains her passion for discovering and collecting items and ideas she loves. Pulling out a large binder full of information and pictures she's collected over the years, she tells Vogue journalist Jonathon Van Meter

"I've been doing this my whole adult life. When I see something I love-a lamp, a piece of art-I say, Where did you get that? And I will go to the store, take pictures, and get the business card. I have everything from food to fashion to home goods; you name it."

Blake explains that, at the end of Gossip Girl, she felt she needed time to rest and regenerate: "I was reading scripts that I liked, but I felt like I had atrophied in a way. We had to produce so many episodes so quickly. And when you're working fifteen-hour days, ten months a year, the only time you have for real life is between takes." And it was during this 'rest' time that she started working on her website.

We can't wait to check it out!

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