Blake Lively talks summer, beauty and fashion with Glamour Magazine

Blake Lively tells her summer beauty secrets to Glamour magazine!

For the August 2014 edition of France's Glamour magazine, L'Oréal Paris ambassador Blake Lively sat down for an exclusive interview to let the public in on her top summer beauty secrets. From fashion and food to makeup and hair, she tells all! Among other juicy details, we learnt that actress loves going to the Maldives because "it's paradise" (we believe you, Blake!) And, as far as music is concerned, she's a big fan of Beyoncé. Read on for even more!

Beauty tricks and tips for summer

Blake admits being a bit of a sun worshipper, loving a good dose of vitamin D! But she still takes care of her skin, making sure to always apply factor 30 before sunbathing. As far as makeup is concerned, she never uses foundation. She likes to emphasize her lips with a pop of color - often fuschia or coral, with just a single coat of mascara. Sometimes, however, she goes for a lip balm, and instead chooses to bring out her eyes with a gold or turquoise eyeliner along her waterline

One of her secrets? Blake often smudges a small amount of red lipstick onto her cheeks and eyelids for a pink glow. Great tip!

Blake's blonde hair

As for her hair, one of Blake's favorite styles is a high braided ponytail, and she also likes experimenting with the wet look that she gets using an oil. Of course, Blake admits that her hair always looks best "the blonder it is and the wavier it is!"

When asked about how she keeps her fabulous figure, the actress revealed that she prefers to make a conscious effort to eat well throughout the year rather than intense, last-minute dieting. "Usually I eat 80% whatever I want and 20% healthy. When I need to, I do it the other way around: more fish, grilled vegetables, less bread and Coca Cola."

Fashion advice

What does Blake's summer wardrobe consist of? She loves short dresses but prefers the comfort of a long skirt. Ideally, she loves wearing super high heels but, of course, "Flat sandals are always more practical!"

Now we've got all we need to work our very own Blake Lively looks!

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