Blake Lively vs. Julianne Moore: Battle of the buns at the Cannes Film Festival.

Blake Lively vs. Julianne Moore: Battle of the buns at Cannes

by Paige Exell -

While the Cannes Film Festival brings a plethora of different hairstyles, makeup looks, and fashion trends to the red carpet, sometimes style matches are inevitable. After Amal Clooney and Anna Kendrick both opted for yellow gowns for their Cannes red carpet debuts, we noticed another style similarity – but it's not what you're thinking!

For Day 2 of the festival, Julianne Moore rocked a low messy bun that gave her look an effortless appeal. Meanwhile, Blake Lively followed up with a messy bun of her own for the festival's Day 3 premiere of Slack Bay (Ma Loute).


Julianne Moore took an effortless approach to beauty for her Day 2 debut on the Cannes red carpet, sporting a low messy bun and side-swept bangs that gave her lazy-girl look a hint of elegance. The actress admitted that it was the perfect look for windy weather, keeping hair out of her face in the most elegant way possible.

The L'Oreal muse left her messy bun with a few strands of hair hanging out of it for the ultimate effortlessly-cool look.


For the Day 3 premiere of Slack Bay, L'Oreal muse Blake Lively showed off her own take on the messy bun, giving it a fairy-tale undertone with floral embellished accessories and a headband that matched her modern Cinderella gown.

Similar to Julianne's, the actress left a few strands of hair hanging out of her messy bun, but placed it closer to the top of her head for a more Disney princess-like look.

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