Bradley Cooper: Short hair vs. long hair

Bradley Cooper: Short hair vs. long hair

by Kathy Saunders -

Bradley Cooper 's hair has inspired much love and admiration from his fans around the world since we first took any notice of him back in the first Hangover film. Now, the franchise is on its third installment and Bradley's luscious locks have undergone quite the transformation, going from long and flowing to short and, dare we say it, spiky.

Of course, we had to ask... does Bradley Cooper look better with short hair or long hair?

The sexy sweep

With long, almost shoulder-length hair, Bradley always had something of the careless romantic about him. As was to be expected, this led to countless women worldwide falling in love with him or, at the very least, the idea of running their fingers through his hair...

...except on those all-too regular occasions where it was so excessively gelled that not even a nuclear warhead would have managed to ruffle it.

We thought Bradley's long hair looked particularly good (despite a significant amount of gel) on a recent edition of The Graham Norton Show when he appeared alongside Will and Jaden Smith.

The cute crop...?

Whilst I'm slightly loathe to use the word cute for anything that doesn't involve babies or baby animals, there is something quite endearing about Bradley's new look. He still has the whole sexy, messy thing going on but he looks a little more mischevious than he did before.

In fact, I'd almost go so far as to say that Bradley has now essentially metamorphosed into that cheeky bad boy we all wanted to try it on with at school. Translation: Bradley now looks at least five years younger than he did less than a month ago.

Although this is hardly the first time we've seen Bradley with short hair (check out his stellar performance in The Place Beyond the Pines for further reference), it might be the best short style he's had yet.

The verdict

It would appear that cutting off his long, smooth, silky hair hasn't had any impact whatsoever on Bradley Cooper's rugged sexiness. That said, he always looked particularly appealing when he pushed his long hair back off his face during interviews.

What do you think?

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