Braided crowns, who wears them best: Lauren Paul vs. Pixie Lott?

Braided crowns: Lauren Paul vs. Pixie Lott!

Over the last few seasons, braided crown hairstyles have worked their way back into the limelight with more and more celebrities trying out the trend. Recently, director/actress Lauren Paul and British beauty Pixie Lott wore this gorgeous style on the red carpet, so, naturally, we had to compare the two looks in a bitter braided hairstyle battle!

Braided beauties

Braided hairstyles have been gracing red carpets and catwalks alike all year and the braided crown is a cute and classic way to work the trend. It's hard not to look adorable when you're rocking this hairstyle- and it's guaranteed to keep you looking chic from day to night.

In the red corner: Pixie Lott

Pixie is no stranger to braided hairstyles but this tousled updo, which she rocked for a recent performance in London, is one of her best to date. The ever on-trend Pixie kept her style current by creating a tousled bohemian finish, which also served to soften her look. She even put her own mark on the look by bringing the braided headband further forward than usual... we love her fresh new take on the classic trend!

In the blue corner: Lauren Paul

Lauren Paul also opted for a braided crown hairstyle when she attended the recent Women's Image Awards in California. The star styled her hair straight and sleek before creating her braid. The result? A timeless and flawless look with a pretty polished finish.

The verdict?

Who shall be crowned the best braided beauty, Pixie or Lauren? The choice is yours. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and cast your vote above now!

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