<span>A model was spotted with orange lips - and matching eyebrows! - backstage at the Beste Gurel show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul s/s 2014 on 7 October 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.</span>

Bright lipstick continues Fashion Week beauty trend in Istanbul

As the bigger Fashion Weeks are now over until next spring, we decided to continue our search for new and intriguing beauty trends beyond western Europe as models and new clothes are sent down runways in both hemispheres, starting in Istanbul. Fashion is actually an all-year-round kind of a thing, who knew?

The model above was spotted backstage at the Beste Gurel show during Fashion Week in Istanbul sporting some bold neon lipstick and some rather dainty cat eyes that really caught our human eye. And some red brows for good measure...

Something old, somthing new

In our search for something new, we only really came up with something old, something very old indeed. It's no secret that red lips comprise an eternal beauty trend that just keeps getting bigger, brighter and better with every passing season and the same goes for cat eyes. Bold red lips were huge cosmetic staples for Cleopatra don't you know and, as it turns out, she was something of a pioneer.

Time to make a fuss?

The recent nude makeup phenomenon cast almost all "unnatural beauty" tricks aside, namely smoky eyes , false lashes, weird lipstick and heavy eyeliner - often seen all at once, way back when.

Now, more understated beauty statements are being whispered, rather than shrieked at us all, in the form of more wearable lip colors - like the one above - and less smoke and mirrors in the eye department... or more mirrors, it's hard to tell. The hard learned and easily forgotten mantra "less is more" is enjoying something of a renaissance it seems, let's hope it stays that way.

As for eyebrows, perhaps the Delevingne look is better than the luminous orange one above...

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