Gentle waves: Actress Britt Robertson attends The MOMS MAMARAZZI event on April 13 in Hollywood.

Britt Robertson: 3 hairstyles for very long hair

by Samantha Hunt -

We know that, when it comes to having very long hair, one of the most time-consuming activities of your day is simply trying to style it! There are, however, some quick and easy tricks of the trade for getting your lengths looking soft, sleek and totally gorgeous, and we have American Britt Robertson to show us how its done!

The 25-year-old star steps out onto the red carpet time and time again looking lovely from top to toe, and always with her flowing blonde locks prepped to perfection! Here are our three favorite Britt Robertson hair moments, and how you can follow in her footsteps....

1. Gentle waves

The star of Tomorrowland recently attended the MOMS MAMARAZZI event in Hollywood on April 13, wearing a cute and classic red cocktail dress and with her hair loose and wavy.

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This look is simple to copy - and you even get to nourish your locks at the same time! Starting with wet or dry hair, smooth a leave-in conditioner through your lengths from chin-level downwards, giving your long hair some much needed TLC! Then braid your hair and leave it to work its magic either overnight or for over an hour. Undo the braid then tease your waves with your fingers, and spritz with a sea-salt spray for extra texture!

2. Sleek ponytail

For Britt's next gorgeous long-hair look, we are going right back to last year's MOCA Gala presented by Louis Vuitton in Los Angeles, on May 30, 2015. For this event, the star teamed a simple black top with a glittering metallic mini-skirt, and finished the look off with a sleek and shiny low ponytail.

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To master this sleek ponytail, you need to make sure your hair is healthy and happy: dry, frizzy strands will only spoil the effect! Straighten your locks with a flat iron - using heat protective spray first, of course - the use a comb to distribute a rich hair oil through your locks from roots to tips. Use the comb to create a side part, then gather your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

3. Side-swept tousled waves

One of the best things about having long, mermaid-like hair is that you can create a dramatic side-sweep of curly locks for a dramatic, glamorous effect - no problem! This is exactly the look that Britt Robertson went for when she attended the premiere of Mother's Day only last week (April 13) in Hollywood, and we loved it!

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Create waves with the same braid method as with the gentle waves above. Then coat your finger tips with a rich hair oil and tease your waves to make them more voluminous: be careful not to apply too much oil as this will weigh your waves down. Pull your waves over one shoulder, creating a deep side part as you do so, then give your locks a generous spritz of fixitive hairspray.

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