Glittery lipgloss...can I really wear it?

Can I really get away with glittery lipgloss?

Remember when you first started putting on makeup? Big, clownish circles of red blush and bright blue eyeshadow from your mom's makeup bag...and of course several layers of glittery lipgloss to finish off the look!

And then, as we refined our makeup techniques, we stopped using quite so much blusher, and reluctantly put down the blue eyeshadow. But we've always had a soft spot for that glittery, sparkly lipgloss. Is it really too late? Is sparkly lipgloss reserved for those who aren't old enough to drive?


Don't deny yourself the sheer joy of having sparkly lips! Here are three reasons why you do need to stock up on your glitter gloss.

Party season

With the party season nearly upon us, you're going to need all the glitter you can get. Sure you could go for sparkly eyes, or shimmery nails ...but you could also save the sparkles for your lips! What better way to ring in the new year?!

Glitter doesn't mean garish

When we say sparkly lipgloss, we don't mean the impression that you've just poured a tube of glitter onto your mouth (although...wait...that could be really cool.) There are many glosses on the market that have a beautiful, discrete shimmer to them: just enough to catch the light and have people hanging on your every word.

What goes around...

Every trend comes back around again. Mom said that, and now we can reluctantly admit that she was right (double denim? Thank you, the Nineties.) This means that sparkly lipgloss will have its day, sometime soon. AND your sister's kids will idolize you. Just don't let them near your makeup bag.

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