Don't be afraid of orange lipstick!

Can I really wear orange lipstick?

Have you heard the news? Orange lipstick is the new red! No, don't be afraid...We're here to explain why orange lipstick isn't at all scary. In fact, it's your new best friend, because 2014 is all about bright pops of color .

It's conquered the runway, and now orange lips are being spotted on the red carpet too. Stars like Jennifer Hudson, Coco Rocha and Bella Thorne have all worn orange lipstick - and looked great!

But, let's be honest, orange lipstick can be a bit intimidating. So how can real-life, non-celebrity, mere mortals wear the color?

Top Tips

If you want to wear orange, but don't feel brave enough to wear it full-on, put some lipstick on your fingertip and dab it onto your lips. This will give a more subtle orange color. Or you could go for an orange lip stain or gloss, which are more discreet.

If you're just trying out orange, and don't want to look too obvious, the trick is to look for an orange that is composed of more red hues than yellow ones.

It's also important to think of your natural skin tone before purchashing:

Warm skin tones - If you have more yellow or gold tones to your skin, choose a yellow-based orange.

Cool skin tones - If your skin has more of a pink or red tone to it, you should choose red or coral-based oranges.

Light complexions should look out for 'true orange' shades or pastel oranges. Medium complexions can go for oranges that are slightly darker than their natural lip colour. They can also get away with bright orange! Dark complexions should try darker, brown-based orange hues.

So there you are, orange really isn't that intimidating. Now pucker up, tangerine!

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