Kate Bosworth wears orange lipstick with her red hair

Can redheads wear orange lipstick? Kate Bosworth says YES

She might have just changed her hair color from blonde to red, but Kate Bosworth is definitely not ready to give up her favorite lipstick shades. The question is, does orange hair go with an orange lip?

Looking at this photo of Kate at the Tiffany & Co. 2014 Blue Book Celebration on April 10, it seems the answer is "YES". But we're not stopping there: we want to know why, and how, and what it all depends on.

Orange hair & Orange lip?

Most natural redheads have light skin with warm undertones to it. The cliché of the pale-skinned, freckled, flaming-haired beauty might not fit all of you redheads, but does have some truth to it. If you recognize your coloring in this description, then orange lipstick will actually look fabulous on you, because orange brings out the pink undertones to your skin. If your hair color is more strawberry blonde or light auburn, you'll suit apricot, peachy pinks, or soft, muted goldish-oranges more than super bright orange hues.

For years now, redheads have learnt to stay away from the earth tones that our mothers and grandmothers wore. Today, being a redhead deserves celebrating with a bright lipstick, and not just red! That being said, don't overdo the orange. If you go for an orange lip, stay away from rust shades in the rest of your makeup look and outfit.

Tip for choosing your orange lipstick

Go for a shade that is richer and more intense than your hair color. This will bring out the hues in your hair, making your lipstick and your locks really pop!

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