Cheryl Cole on the red carpet for the 'Foxcatcher' premiere at Cannes

Cannes 2014: Cheryl Cole's bouffant hairstyle for 'Foxcatcher'

by Hannah Ikin -

Which is your favorite hairstyle so far at Cannes 2014? This glamorous two-tone bouffant style, worn by Cheryl Cole, is definitely one of our top looks. And while it might look complicated, it's actually a very easy style to copy...

A modern classic

As big fans of the retro hairstyle trend, we were glad to see that Cheryl brought the old-school look to the Cannes red carpet! The singer opted for a bouffant updo that brought a touch of vintage glamour to the proceedings.

Classic as it was, Cheryl's voluminous style still looked modern, thanks to her ombre hair - giving the overall look a two-tone effect.

Get the retro look

Step one

After washing your hair and combing out any tangles, work some volumizing mousse throughout the lengths of your hair. Comb through once to ensure an even distribution, then blow-dry.

Step two

Once the hair is almost dry, flip your head upside down and blast for a few seconds to bring some extra volume to your look.

Step three

Section off the front part of your hair and clip it away from the rest. Spritz some hairspray on the remaining top section of your hair and backcomb it gently to create volume.

Step four

Unclip the front section of hair and pull it back over the backcombed hair. Use a comb to part the hair at the very front of your 'do, taking the parting a couple of inches back.

Step five

Now, pull the hair into a loose, low ponytail, taking care to keep your bouffant intact.

Step six

Take the end of the ponytail and roll it upwards and inwards, clipping the roll in place with hair grips.

Step seven

Mist some hairspray over your look to make sure that it stays in place.

Use your hands to loosen the style slightly to achieve Cheryl's 'undone' look. Have one last check in the mirror, then get ready to smile for the cameras!

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