Eva Longoria's portrait, taken during the 67th Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2014: Exclusive interview with Eva Longoria

A highlight of this year's Cannes Film Festival has been seeing all of the L'Oréal Paris brand ambassadors on the red carpet and behind-the-scenes. We got the chance to catch up with Eva Longoria, to find out more about the lady herself and her Cannes experiences. Here's what she had to say...

What does the Cannes Film Festival mean to you and what do you like about coming here?

Yeah! This is my favorite red carpet in the world. It's historic, prestigious, glamorous. So much history has happened at the Palais regarding film and fashion, so it's just a really, really fun place to be. The energy is amazing but what I really love about Cannes is that it's such a global community behind the films and the fashion on the red carpet. On the red carpet you get to see people from Asia and people from the Middle East and people from India and Americans. So, it's always fun to see that mix of culture and diversity being celebrated in one spot.

What is it like hanging out with the other spokespeople?

I love shooting with the global ambassadors here because it's really the only time I get to see them. Aishwarya and I only see each other at Cannes but we see each other every year so it's kind of like our friendship. I never get to go to India and she never comes to LA but for some reason, every time we're here, we're like magnets and we just love each other. Freida as well, I love getting to spend more time with her, Doutzen's a really good friend who I shoot with a lot and Cannes is the one time where we actually get to do a commercial all together. To see all the spokespeople and to talk with them and laugh with them, I have such a good time. They're all just great girls and amazing human beings. Aside from being esthetically beautiful, they're really great human beings.

How did you prepare for the red carpet?

Well, I don't prepare, the village prepares me! This illusion takes a lot of magicians, what with the hair and makeup and nails and styling. It's a lot and I know I'm in good hands when I'm in Cannes because the goal of L'Oréal is to make sure we look great so I'm never worried!

How busy do you get during a day at Cannes?

Yeah, it's a full day of interviews and press and commercial shoots and photo shoots then we jump onto the red carpet then run off the red carpet.

Does it feel like a holiday?

No, it never feels like a holiday when I'm in Cannes because we work so much! I always say that this is the only time I get to see the beach is when I'm on this terrace! It is fun, but we definitely have a lot of work when we're here. So it's hectic but fun!

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