Tom Bachik at the Cannes Film Festival 2014

Cannes 2014: Get the Look interviews nail expert Tom Bachik!

We sent one of our beauty journalists to interview L'Oréal Paris' nail art expert Tom Bachik at the Cannes Film Festival 2014. Here's what he had to say!

Interview with Tom Bachik

With so many designs, effects and colors out there, how do we choose our nail art?

The best way to choose your own nail art is by following your personality, and you don't have to do it on every nail! You can pick one nail and just have fun with it. Or two nails – just put some art on one nail then a little less on the other, so it fades out across the nails. The key is having fun, playing with it and just showing a bit of your own personal style.

Will accent nails be a trend during Cannes?

During the day at our workshops people like to play around with things like accent nails but when it comes to the red carpet, things tend to be a little more classic. Right now, the feel on the red carpet is centered around Old Hollywood glamour. We're going to see a lots of reds, lots of deep colors, very clean and beautiful to play off the gowns.

What about white polish?

I love white, my clients love white, but when it comes to the red carpet they tend to step back to more neutral shades. If they do wear white, they'll put something like a L'Oréal top coat over it so it appear less bright or sparkly. That way it plays off of the jewelry.

In your opinion, is the French manicure in or out?

I think the traditional French manicure is out, just because for me it feels a bit dated. I think the new approach is to do a tonal manicure, so it's like white on white.

Which colors are going to be the most popular on the red carpet?

I think overall, reds, different types of red depending on their skin tone or the dress they're wearing. We'll see bright summery reds, and maybe even go all the way into deep, rich ruby red or amethyst. Classic but glamorous.

Thanks Tom, and have fun at Cannes!

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