Zoe Saldana wore a romantic updo to the 'Mr Turner' premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on 15 May 2014 in Cannes, France

Cannes 2014: Zoe Saldana's romantic updo

by Hannah Ikin -

The first day of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival was a tough act to follow, but luckily for us, the second day, too, was packed full of glamour, glitz, and style. The Mr. Turner premiere proved to be a star-studded affair with the film's cast, several of L'Oréal Paris' brand ambassadors and many other stars making an appearance on the Croisette.

Zoe Saldana has truly wowed up so far this year with her glamorous yet natural makeup looks, but, on this occasion, it was her romantic, twisted updo that caught our attention. Let's take a closer look...

A tousled chignon

Zoe's updo was so romantic, in fact, that we couldn't help but fall for it's understated charm. We loved her relaxed take on the classic chignon style and the loose waves and twists simply added to its effortless elegance. If you, too, have got your eye on this beautiful, unpretentious hairstyle, then simply follow the easy steps below to get the look...

Step one

After washing your hair, work some volume creating mousse throughout your locks and leave your hair to dry naturally.

Step two

Use a comb to create a side parting, then spritz some salt spray throughout the ends of your hair and scrunch with your fingertips. This will help you to achieve that subtle matte finish of Zoe's 'do.

Step three

Keeping the side parting in place, pull your hair back into a loose, low ponytail and fasten in place with a hair elastic.

Step four

Separate the hair into large sections, then twist each one up to the hair elastic before fastening in place with hair clips.

Step five

Keep twisting and pinning until all of the hair is up. Then, pull a few strands of hair loose from the bun as well as the front of your face.

Step six

Mist some hairspray over the style to set it in place and step back to admire your Zoe Saldana-approved hairstyle!

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