Berenice Bejo.

Cannes 2016: Sweet Dreams will open the directors' fortnight

by Paige Exell -

Just one day before the official start of the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Get The Look focuses on the Directors' Fortnight. And for its 48th annual edition, Cannes' Directors' Fortnight sidebar unveiled an impressive, slightly smaller than usual lineup – 18 features in all – that will spotlight a number of new works from rising stars, and shed light on new talents and foreign films.

The lineup will spotlight a trio of films from a multi-generational and multi-faceted range of Italian auteurs, including the movie Sweet Dreams (Fai bei sogni) directed by Marco Bellocchio, which will open the 2016 section and includes a performance from Valerio Mastandrea, who plays opposite Berenice Bejo.


Sweet Dreams is a film that is based on the eponymous autobiographical best-selling novel by Italian journalist Massimo Gramellini about coming to terms with the trauma of his mother's premature death when he was nine. The story takes place in Turin in 1969, where Massimo, a young boy, loses his mother in a very mysterious way. While a priest explains that she is now in heaven, he refuses to believe and accept her sudden absence. Twenty years later, when he becomes a journalist, Massimo is forced to sell his parents apartment and must face his childhood memories ...


Adapted from the novel Sweet Dreams my Child, Massimo Gramellini reinvents the story starring the beautiful French Berenice Bejo, Barbara Ronchi and Dario Dakl Pero. Marco Bellocchio is the talent behind the camera, the Italian director who was also behind Good Morning, Night, who was part of the official selection at Cannes in 2009.


Italian director Marco Bellocchio is known for impressively addressing the sensitive issues of youth, and showing how well he can trigger emotions in a slightly disturbing way. The screening of his film Devil in the Flesh in 1986 caused quite the scandal at Cannes with it's explicit sex scenes, while his film My Mother's Smile in 2002 had upset the Vatican.

It is unknown how his new feature film will be welcomed, but there is no doubt that emotions, doubt, sadness, and obsession will touch the sensitivity of spectators. Between the Directors' Fortnight and the official selection, there is never a dull moment at the festival. We hope your suitcase is Cannes ready!

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